27 February 2013


This sweater has been finished for a while, but I've been too busy wearing it to get any photos.  I've mentioned in the past that this project means a lot to me.  The person who designed the pattern, the person who gifted me the pattern, and person who gifted me the yarn all made this sweater possible and I treasure it all the more because of that.


The pattern is Winifred by the prolific designer Sarah Ronchetti of Sezza Knits.  This pattern was such a fast and enjoyable knit.  I definitely enjoy patterns with fun little details to break up rounds of stockinette stitch, the large cable down the front was always fun to reach.  The construction is seamless and top-down, which is definitely my favorite.


I know I've mentioned it before, but the way that Sarah wrote and structured the pattern was excellent.  I loved that she not only included instructions for 10 sizes, but also separate patterns for both worsted and DK weights.  She also put great little suggestions throughout the pattern to help make an even more polished final product.  Many times I feel as though patterns don't deserve a higher price (or even a price at all) for what the pattern actually provides, this is definitely an exception!


The yarn is Knit Picks Swish (worsted version), which is 100% Merino.  This is the colorway Copper, which is a apt name for it.  I cannot really wax poetic about this yarn, it was inexpensive but other than that I feel completely neutral about the experience.  One thing that made me a little sad is that it didn't have that nice Merino smell.

Kitty hates me and wants more food

Kitty is initially in shock that I would dare pick her up and then she told me that if I didn't put her down she would eat me.

So, here it is!  Another wonderful sweater to cuddle into, although not for long because spring is well on it's way to North Carolina!

25 February 2013

Science, repairs, and spindles

I've been so busy lately that I've fallen behind on many of my hobbies, including blogging.  I'm touched by those of you who were concerned for me, such a wonderful community to be a part of!  I'll be catching up with other bloggers very soon!

I've pretty much finished up spinning and plying this fluffy BFL.  I'm definitely planning on dyeing it and I'm going to have such a hard time deciding what colorway it should be!

I have to warn you iPhone owners that the following image is scary:

Oh no!  It was pretty silly of me, I tripped and it flew out of my pocket.  I looked around and Apple charges $200 for screen repair, not to mention that I have to go phoneless for days, other companies weren't much better.

Then I found resources for doing it yourself, which is much cheaper at ~$20 for the new screen component.  This is a bit of a gamble, because although the phone is pretty simple inside:

...you can still break off your itty bitty signal antenna.  Also, keep in mind that by opening the phone yourself you void all Apple warranty.

I won't lie, this was not the easiest thing I've ever done, and there were times that I was positive I was going to have to buy a new phone.  I ended up stripping the head of a really important screw located right above the motherboard...it wasn't that the repair was difficult, I just wasn't paying enough attention.

I'll leave you with this amazing science video featuring some of my personal heros (Brian Cox's job is to tinker with the large hadron collider!). I'm so fascinated by the world we can't see!

This one is also excellent and it has Carl Sagan (who was so adorable!).