20 November 2011

Infinity Cowl Forever

This month has been packed with lengthy assignments, 7-8 hour lab days, and PhD level graduate school applications, but somehow I've been able to find some time to knit.

Considering how busy I've been I actually finished this infinity scarf fairly quickly!  I think it's because I knit when I'm super stressed.

I also must apologize for my crazy photos right now.  I cannot figure out the best light conditions in this dorm room and often don't have the time to mess with it a whole lot.  I also really need a better lens.

I'm not only excited by how wonderful this scarf looks, but by the fact that I was able to use up some yarn that I didn't really like that has been sitting around for a while.

The yarn is Berroco Peruvia in the most beautiful green color.  It is a single ply, worsted weight, 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, which means that it is a little scratchy but very warm.  I tried to knit up two projects in this yarn before now and I really didn't like knitting with it at the time and it also didn't look great with those particular patterns.  My big problems were that it was single ply and curled up on itself, was splitty, and was scratchy.

The pattern used is 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf by Margaux Hufnagel and I must say that it is the perfect pattern for this yarn.  I don't think that I will ever knit a straight scarf ever again because I love the infinity scarf concept so much better.  You can also see from the picture below that this scarf really needs a serious blocking.

Is there anything more wonderful than finishing a scarf right when it starts to get really cold outside?

07 November 2011

Finally a FO!

November is always one of those crazy months that flies by all too quickly.  Classes really pick up and Thanksgiving is near the end, which means flying home commercially (the horror!).  This November also got off to a strange, particularly rushed and stressful start due to the power outage that brought Massachusetts down last weekend.

So, November is particularly difficult for my knitting ethic.  However, once it started getting cold out, I decided that I needed some new fingerless gloves.  Even better, I wanted to actually use some of my handspun for them!  Two days later I was able to proudly wear these!

I improvised these fingerless gloves in a basic ribbing pattern, which worked really well with some bulky wool handspun I finished a few weeks ago. 

This is the first spin-to-knit project that I have ever actually liked as a finished product.  I've already gotten several compliments on them and I only finished them hours ago!

I'm also one of those crazy people that once I finish a project I HAVE to wear it as soon as I can (sometimes I don't even weave in the ends before I wear it because I'm so excited!).  I do block my projects eventually, but not until I take exhaustive photos and dance around with glee.  Today was certainly one of those occasions.