16 September 2014

What is up with this Fall thing anyway?

So, Fall has exploded in the US, it seems like a premature and immediate change. I'm not quite ready for Summer to be over, thank you very much! Also, in my mind, it cannot be Fall if it is still 85F outside every day.

So sorry for the mini rant, I'm just puzzled by culture sometimes.

I have way more WIPs going right now than I would like, to the point where they are causing me a little bit of anxiety. So, I'm enacting my tried and true method of dealing with most things in life:

Take it one step at a time. Simple.

This poor sweater is going to have to hibernate because I'm short about 50g to finish the neckline. How sad is that? I thought I would have enough yardage, but I forget how much yarn cabling eats up.
     Update! My mother has secured an additional skein because she's the best!


I have also been slowly working on a couple rows a day on this blanket. This is exactly the same as a scrap blanket I finished a few years ago (which I still love, it hangs out on my couch). The yarn is some of the antique yarn my mother brought me that I used for Narragansett, it will be super warm!


I'm so close to finishing some socks I'm knitting out of my very own handspun yarn! The fiber was from a beautiful braid that Lisa (Wickedly Artsy) sent me some time ago. I still can hardly believe that I spun this!

Anyone else battling some WIPs?

11 September 2014

Daybreak Shawl

I don't think I ever mentioned this project here on the blog, but I recently finished my Daybreak Shawl. This was such a quick, fun knit and a great way to use up fingering weight scraps. It also makes a gorgeous final product.


The pattern was Daybreak by Stephen West. Every pattern I've ever knit by him as been well-written and free of errors. I did have a brief issue with understanding a part of the pattern, but that was just me not double-checking my work. It was fun and easy to get into a rhythm with.

My mother also helped a bit on this one because she was low on projects to work on at the time, so that makes it even more special!


The yarn was some left over Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in the Venetian and Stargazing colorways. As always, I frequently wondered why I knit with anything other than Madelinetosh, there is nothing I don't love about their yarns. Perfection!

PicMonkey Collage

Also, I think I deserve some applause here, because I actually pulled out all the stops and blocked this shawl right after binding off. I suffered through it, painstakingly pinned it down, and Kitty napped on it while it dried. A good time was had by all and ultimately I was glad I did it!

09 September 2014

Vacations and inspiration.

I had a wonderful trip to Western Massachusetts last week. It was just what I needed to clear my head and reset after a stressful academic challenge. Although I love the climate and outdoors offerings of North Carolina, I really find myself missing the culture and pace of life in New England.

After a blissful direct flight (isn't that the best?), my mother and I headed off to Webs for yarn shopping. I really wanted to purchase some yarn for some special projects and no other place has that kind of selection.

First I bought some nice gray wool for a sweater that I am knitting for my boyfriend, I have to admit that I am a little nervous about the dreaded sweater curse, but there is nothing better than pouring yourself into a project for a loved one. The sweater is Guston, published by Brooklyn Tweed and I decided that the texture of Rowan Pure Wool would complement it well.

PicMonkey Collage

I also found some super soft and pretty Grignasco Springfield Vintage on sale, a perfect match for Asimina's new pattern, Kusafiri. I'm so excited to be working on one of her patterns because I adore her sense of style.


..My family and I also went to the little town of Harrisville, New Hampshire to visit Harrisville Designs, one of the few remaining woolen mills left in the US. I was disappointed that the mill itself was not open for visitors; however, the beauty of the setting and their fantastic store made it worth the drive. 

..I spent some time with my brother, an apprentice woodworker, on designing a drop spindle prototype. I'm amazed at how talented (and modest) he is, it was so much fun watching him transform a small block of wood into something functional and beautiful. You can see an example of some of his recent furniture work on my mother's Flickr.

It was a fun trip, but now it's back to work! I hope you are all well and that your weeks are full of creative energy!