31 December 2012

Reflecting on 2012

Since today is the last day of 2012 (whew, what a year!), I decided to sit down and reflect on my fiber accomplishments for this year.  That is one of my favorite things about writing a blog, it allows me to go back in time in a sense.  I definitely learned a lot of new things and knitted a lot of fun and challenging projects!

Upcycling thrift store sweaters:
- Acrylic/Wool upcycling disaster
- Upcycling cashmere
- Upcycling soft wool

- Dyeing with tea
- QR code yarn labeling system
- Organizing stash with recycled materials

Knitting without a pattern:
- Textured cowl
- Scrap blanket

New experiences:
- Spin to knit sock
- Steeking
- Granny squares

- Dyeing for a project
- Dyeing with Wiltons food dyes
- Dyeing with egg dyes

- Lagoon merino
- Brown alpaca
- Lilac
- Silk hankie
- Pretty pink alpaca
- Targhee jewel
- Cotton candy
- Romney

In addition to having over a hundred posts here this year, I have been so incredibly fortunate to meet so many knitters, crocheters, and spinners from all over the world.  You all are so talented and creative, and inspire me every day.

Looking forward to another wonderful year!


02 December 2012

This week's fascinations

A lot of my time is spent either flailing in lab (a lot like this, but with much less dancing) or studying some admittedly pretty neat stuff.  So, just in case you are all starting to think that I don't do anything but whine about work, here are some non-work related interests.

I recently found my new favorite iPhone app:  Afterglow.  There is just so much that you can do with it and they don't force you to buy extra filters or features like many of the other photo apps out there.  These are both photos I took with my phone and then modified using Afterglow.

I've been following the show 30 Rock for years because I have the humor of an odd adolescent.  Is anyone else still flabbergasted that Liz Lemon got married?  Tina Fay has given young spinsters (or maybe spinster-in-training?) like me hope that there is some special guy out there who can put up with yarn stashes and other eccentricities.

Have ever ever had a song stick with you for a while, a song that just resonates with you and you have no idea why?  Well I hadn't come across one of those for quite a while until now.  Trent Reznor is my all-time favorite musician, I love that he is capable of composing both the score for the movie The Social Network and the theme for the new Call of Duty video game and doing so perfectly.  But I didn't really care for his side project with his wife Mariqueen Maandig until I heard this song.

Lastly, I know that you are all probably tired of seeing photos of my big kitty, so I'll disguise this one as one of the easiest DIY projects ever.

The perfect cat bed, requires:
-- 1 shallow cardboard box
-- several paper bags
Directions: place bags in box and show to kitty

Caution: kitty may not want to leave box and develop a severe case of laziness.

Disclaimer: I did not intend for this to be a kitty magnet, I just threw some paper grocery bags into the box my new pair of boots came in while tidying and now I have this nasty feeling that she will eat me if I throw it away.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!