16 October 2012

Romney Handspun

Look everyone!  I finally finished something!

I had no idea that finishing something substantial would make me feel this good.  I have remembered that this is one of the reasons I knit and spin, that rush of satisfaction that I get when I wind that handspin into a (un)tidy skein or weave in that last end on something I simply cannot wait to wear!

Sorry...back to the handspun...

This is handspun from 100% Romney wool, it is 2-ply DK weight and about 220 yards.  It has a rough edge to it, but I felt that it should, it is a rugged sort of fiber.  I love the nice natural color too.

In knitting related news, last weekend I went to a bookstore to look for a specific magazine, predictably I didn't find it, but look what I did find:

Apparently Barnes and Noble carries a large array of knitting magazines!  To many of you this is probably old news, but I had no idea!  I always assumed that they might have Vogue Knitting and Interweave, but not such a wide selection (and some I had never seen before).  

Also, this post is brought to you thanks to iPhoto's Photostream which has allowed me to be even more lazy by automatically downloading the photos on my phone to my home computer right after I take them.  I love technology.

Now, back to the books for me, I hope you all have a wonderful week!

10 October 2012

Work-in-progress Wednesday - #15

This WIP Wednesday brought to you by....the sun!
That's right!  The sun has finally decided to return to the triad area of North Carolina!
So, I'm more energized and halfway decent photographs are now possible!


I attempted further work on my poor self-designed sweater...this did not go well.  I'm still struggling with the shoulder/neckline shaping.  At this point I'm positive that the key to shaping in this case is short rows.

I have also cast on a new project, one I've been dreaming of for a while now.  These will be a lovely pair of Belle Epoque socks (sorry for lack of project photo right now, the hospital frowns upon the use of bandwidth for frivolous things so I am blogging from my phone today). ***Sorry for the confusion here, I'm perfectly fine, I work at the hospital because I'm a student at the medical school. Sorry!

Next I have the start of part of a BFF cowl that I'm knitting with the talented (and fellow scientist) Ashley from Misty Mountain Designs/Geoknitology.  This is part of a KAL with Evelyn from Project: Stash, you all should find a buddy and participate too, it's a great way to connect with other knitters!

I hope that you are all having a great Wednesday and I hope that you also join in for WIP Wednesday with Tami's Amis.

05 October 2012

Azzu's Shawl

I have finally been able to find a little bit of time to update!  Thank you all for the very kind words and for those of you who continually post amazing work on your own blogs, you inspire me.

I finished my Azzu's Shawl many days ago but hesitated in writing about it because I cannot seem to get it to behave...

That is me attempting to show you the design of the shawl, which is pretty, but this fabric loves to curl up.  I've attempted two blockings, actually taking the time to pin it down perfectly.  But no, still not behaving.

I even blocked it in the world's best blocking sink ever (when I first saw my apartment, this was the thing I was most excited about).

The pattern was Azzu's Shawl by Emma Fassio, it was an simple, easy pattern that was perfect for mindless knitting.  It did get a little boring, but rows of yarn overs helped break up the bordom.  Also, when looking at the pattern page, mine turned out a little smaller than others even though I made gauge (I think..) and did the proper number of repeats.

The yarn was Regia Hand-dye Effect, you all probably already know how I feel about this yarn.  But I completed my goal, to complete a project with it, so I'm ready to move on to bigger and better things.