16 December 2011

Spinning Alpaca

I have still been overburdened with end of semester work lately, but I'm almost done and have so much planned for my month-long break.  I plan on spinning like crazy, dyeing some fiber and yarn for upcoming projects, and finishing some knitting projects I've promised to friends and family.  It will be so wonderful to have some time to slow down and focus on my fiber art for a while without the stress of the lab and classes consuming my time.

Although I find myself horribly busy during the school year, sometimes a certain yarn or fiber comes along that really inspires me and makes me so excited that I find myself sneaking away from my obligations to work on it for a little while every chance I get.  When my awesome friend Lisa sent me some amazing fiber for my birthday, I was so inspired that I very quickly managed to spin it into some lovely handspun.

Natural Alpaca
Spun: December 2011
Roving: 100% undyed alpaca (Alpacas in Wildcat Hollow)
Color: Light brown
Spindle: Schacht 3" Hi-Lo drop spindle (2.2 oz.)
2 ply, ~196.0 yards, 14 WPI (Fingering)

I really love how it came out and I am itching to knit it up into something soft and cozy although I'm not sure what it should be yet.

Have you ever experienced this kind of creative push?


  1. Yes, constantly which is both exciting and aggravating at once. Like you, I find myself with less time than I want to get to my knitting and find myself thinking a lot about what I want to knit and design throughout the day. With the semester over (I work at a college), I have a little more breathing space these next few weeks and will get to focus (calmly) on my projects again. I love alpaca and your spun fiber is gorgeous.

  2. Ok, I don't know many spinners, but you are seriously the fastest spinner I know. Who else spins up a whole skein of yarn that fast and that perfect?! It looks amazing! I hope school is going well and slowing down nicely. As for me, well...that's another story.

    I do have to ask though, how did you spin this? I have some tri-colored alpaca and I am not sure how to divide it up to spin.

    Great job once again!

  3. Lisa:
    Thanks! You certainly are my greatest cheerleader : )
    As for how I spun this lovely fiber (THANK YOU), I didn't divide it up, although you certainly could, because I wanted the colors to mix together really well. Basically I just drafted without paying attention to which color of strand I was pulling on. Not sure if that made sense...

    Evelyn: Hooray for winter break!!! Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone in my knitting obsession : )


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