29 October 2014

Travel and progress

Last weekend was hectic and exciting between a visit from my best friend and a visit to the Asheville, North Carolina area for the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair. I have passed up the chance to go to SAFF the past two years, but this year I went and I am certainly glad I did!

I had the opportunity to meet some new people there, especially some dedicated farmers. I also ran into some people I know, including Liz (Carolina Knits). I spent a lot of time with the alpacas because they are the cutest, someone even brought a little baby! I wish I had taken the time to take more photos, but it was an overwhelming event!


I have been trying to finish some of my older WIPs lately, including my Nymphalidea, which is looking very nice. The colors are starting to grow on me, even though they are unconventional.


I have also been crocheting quite a bit, including starting on this Kitty Nest. I am hoping that it will be large enough for kitty to fit in, she is a very big kitty! I'm using some t-shirt yarn I made last month. I didn't think I would like the process, but it was quick and fun to do! 


You may recognize this yarn, it was a part of a blanket that is no more. I loved how it was looking, but I did not like how the resulting fabric felt, I doubted the ability of it to stay together over time. So I ripped it all out and went for the tried and true granny square style. So far it is looking very nice and I am happy with my decision.


What have you been working on? Have you changed your mind about a pattern recently?


  1. What a lot to frog back, and what a sweet little alpaca!

  2. I think that shawl is going to be stunning. I love the colour combination, so many nuances.
    I knit a few more little socks and tonight I started a new pair of mitts, Lady Grey Mitts.

  3. Girl, I am always changing my mind. About everything. Art, knitting, LIFE. Haha I am so jealous you have a fiber fair near you. There's a quilt show in Houston this weekend that will have some fiber artists, but I am passing on that for other things.

  4. I know what you mean, it was overwhelming experience for me too, I loved it though and had so much fun. Sorry you had to frog!

  5. The shawl is lovely.
    I think the blue yarns look better in granny square than knitted. It probably was hard to rip that big stuff, but it seems it was worth it. (I am a knitter, but I must admit, there are times when crocheting suits best a yarn, and it seems this was the case, if you wanted a blanket...)
    And yes, I change my mind, but that was not the situation lately, as I am knitting only small pieces like socks and gloves and when I change my mind the project is finished (luckily).

  6. A baby alpaca with a coat on, that is too much cuteness for me to handle!
    And it sucks you had to rip out so much work, but at least you realised that you wouldn't like the end result before finishing completely.

  7. Alpacas are very friendly animals! I love them too! I don't know if you can say that I changed my mind about a pattern when it's rather the yarn that made me :-) I started the Kalajoki socks with yarn that I thought was sport weight. It wasn't really working since it was worsted weight. I started over the Gespeg instead. It's much better :-)

  8. It's pretty tough to frog back so much, but I'm glad you like the project that the yarn is growing up to be much better.

    As for me, I'm in the depths of pattern math as I work out what some of my yarn will grow up to be. I haven't ripped anything too big recently!

  9. I love the alpaca at fiber festivals. However, my favorites are the dwarf sheep and goats. They're so darn cute! If my house was zoned for farm animals, I would be tempted to get some!

  10. Alpacas have the prettiest eyes and the longest eyelashes - they are adorable.

    I'm knitting socks now that my sock-knitting mojo has returned.

  11. How fun to go to a fiber fair. Funny how baby gates work for a baby alpaca. All of these projects are wonderful. The shawl is terrific in that combo. How sweet that you're making a nest for your kitty. The granny square is awesome in those colors.

  12. Recently I've been working on the daunting Avatar Airbender blanket that will end up in a king size. I'm on my first square about two thirds through. I wish it would go faster.

  13. Everything looks so cool! I love the colors of your shawl, but I am definitely a sucker for bright, unexpected colors. :) The blanket is beautiful!

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  15. Hi. It was great running into you at SAFF. So much to see there. The kitty nest is a cute idea.


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