02 October 2011

Great Balls of Fiber

I had a difficult time last week  and so I did what I do any time I'm frazzled and in need of a mini vacation.  I went to Webs to stroke all the fiber I could get my hands on (if you have ever been to Webs then you know that is a lot of fiber).

I have come to realize that I have now graduated from moderately obsessed with fiber arts to really obsessed because I'm now buying fiber in the form of huge balls, as you can see below.

For reference, the purple ball (of lovely, lovely silk and merino) is about the size of my head.  The brown ball of Jacob wool is certainly larger than my head.  I'm excited to use these materials to craft truly handcrafted gifts for people I care about, but at the same time I cannot believe that people used to use similar materials to spin the yarn to make clothes with.  Between me and my spindle,  it's going to take forever just for a simple project.

This fiber is all destined to become Christmas presents for some lucky individuals, who lucky for me likely don't read my blog.

Thus begins my first spin to knit adventure!


  1. I wish I had access to that much fiber! Even wicked stitch doesn't sell balls that big.

  2. Your balls of fiber look so scrumptious! I especially love the purple and look forward to seeing it spun. Spinning is something I haven't tried yet but hope to one day ... soon! Thanks for commenting on my blog -- you asked about the fiber content of my LYS' house yarn. It's mainly wool but I've been told it has a touch of cashmere (and I can feel it in its loftiness). It's a joy to knit with. Happy spinning!


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