04 February 2012

What am I up to today?

This is just a short update as I am currently working through a rather intimidating to-do list.  North Carolina was lovely, hopefully I'll be crafting there in the very near future!

If I may direct your attention to the right-hand sidebar, I've decided to try something a little new. "What am I up to today?" is another way for me to document my projects in progress.  My plan is to upload a new fiber craft-related photo to my handy new Flickr stream almost every day.

This idea came about because of my love for seeing what other people are doing.  I follow a few blogs where the authors have committed to daily updates, such as Sara from A Year at the Wheel and KT at Creating Me.  As a result, I find myself more invested and excited about their projects because I get to check in with them every day (not to mention, they are fabulous and fascinating human beings!).

Anyways, if you are ever curious about what I'm up to, please take a look!


  1. Love the new Flickr stream! Your photos are always so darn gorgeous. :) And I'm so incredibly flattered that you mentioned my humble blog! I'm so glad you enjoy it!!

    1. Your blog is certainly worth mentioning! No one else (that I know of) is doing anything like it!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I look forward to checking what you are up to. Yeah! From the looks of it you are up to making some serious loves.

  3. Super secret project has me very enticed! Can't wait to learn more. Such a good idea btw, one I actually won't steal though.

  4. That's a great idea! And from the looks of your Flickr stream, you've been busy!

  5. This is such a nice way to stay inspired -- love it! Oh, and you asked on my blog about how Alpaca Love compares to our beloved alpaca and I have to say that AL is really nice but Berocco is hands-down more luxurious.

  6. A great idea - and you take fantastic pictures. I've been keen to learn to spin for ages - you have me inspired again!

  7. Fun seeing your Flickr stream, Pumpkin. I love the yarn you are using for the tulip socks and your mom's sweater.


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