04 March 2013

Blue raspberry BFL

I'm amazed at how quickly I spun this fiber, it was just so soft and comforting to spin.  I bought it last summer while visiting Lisa because I loved the feel of it.

100% Bluefaced Leicester wool
2 ply, ~217 yards, 4.0 oz.
DK weight
Fiber from Wicked Stitch in Wamego, Kansas

I really enjoyed working with this fiber, it was well processed and smooth.  I wasn't really picturing any particular end product for this fiber, I was just enjoying the process.

After I plyed it and admired my handiwork for a little while, I had some fun dyeing it!  The only dyes I have on hand here are egg dyes, so I used four tablets to get a nice bright color.

It did turn out rather bright as you can see.  It definitely reminds me of those blue raspberry dum-dum pops.  I like how it turned out, I don't think I could imagine how it would turn out in the end.


  1. very pretty, what are your plans for it?

  2. Beautiful transformation! The yarn looks lovely, and I can easily imagine it as a sweet little shawlette!

  3. That looks great! It is so fun being able to look back and see the transformation. Dying with egg dyes is probably one of my favorite things because you kind of have to guess what color you are going for. Super cute though!

  4. That is gorgeous!...and I know I'm biased cause of my blue addiction, but this is scrumptious!

  5. I just love it! Not too bright - just sufficiently cheerful. In fact, it's a fabulous easter colour. What will it become? Easter socks?

  6. Oh I like it, you are too clever!!

  7. It so true that the whole process of working with the fiber and spinning it is so fun and relaxing. The joy is in the making not necessarily what it's going to become. That's just an added benefit.

  8. OMG, the more I see of your talents . . . . .
    This is just so darn gorgeous
    Fantastically energizing color!

    A lovely, lacey scarf that could be worn from now 'til well into Spring

    congrats from start to finish


  9. That yarn looks so squishy! And I'm all for process spinning. I think it is more relaxing to just spin and not have a specific plan for the yarn.

  10. I love this color blue! I think it turned out lovely.

  11. The color looks amazing! I am sure that you will make something great with it ;)

  12. Dead on, LOL, about the color. Reminds me of 7-11 Icees too. What a fun process to experience from spinning to dyeing and then I hope we'll see soon enough a project forming from it.


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