20 May 2013

Mysteries and a super secret crafter handshake

I'm back in North Carolina ready to get back to work!  I enjoyed my vacation up to New England with my family.  We spent some time working on the new house which had several surprises for us (it is 113 years old).

The night we arrived the floors were littered with dead bugs (I had a carpenter bee in my room) and I woke up the first morning to the sound of my parents trying to catch the resident bat.  Later that week, my brother was in the process of gutting a room when he discovered something that completely puzzled him.  It appeared as if there was a room above that one that was not visible.

My father found evidence of stairs hidden in a wall and then uncovered this in the basement stairwell:

A secret staircase leading to two secret rooms.  There was even a window up there!  We didn't find anything interesting, although I firmly believe that if you are going to go to all the trouble to make a secret room, you should leave something mysterious up there.

In other news, a few weeks ago I saw this jacket in the Ravelry store and just couldn't get over how adorable it was!  Needless to say I needed to have it and justified buying it because of all that Ravelry has done for me.  I'm not sure I would have gone beyond knitting distorted squares without the community and collection of great patterns.


Please ignore the flour on the front, I was baking cookies for a friend and didn't notice it until after I took the photos.  

The front has a cute little bunny snoozing and the back features what I would consider a jamboree of animals.  

I wore it during my recent Webs visit and obviously fit right in.  But I fantasize about moments where I'm casually wandering down the sidewalk when I meet a fellow crafter and we exchange secretive nods before continuing on.

Also, ever since I got my beloved Namaste bag I've definitely noticed that I've had less experiences where the yarn store owner follows me around being openly rude.  I've actually had several experiences like that in the past, I assume the owners think that the only reason a young person would be there is if they wanted to shoplift, needless to say they don't get any of my business. 

Have you had any fun surprises in your life lately?


  1. Oh I totally get the secret nods! Once in a grocery store I spotted a woman wearing Sock Summit shirt, and of course we had to talk about it. Another time a knitter spotted me knitting in a restaurant, and showed me her knitting -- turned out she was knitting Audry's baby giraffe hat!

  2. What fun and interesting house adventures. We are still in the midst of remodeling. Hubby said he told me it would take ten years but I have no recall of that conversation! We roughed in floor and wall-wise a third floor thinking long term of using it as a fun hideaway spot for grandkids. The stairs are in but the opening is drywalled over...are you ready for this...into the upstairs bathroom. Planning on doing a built in bookcase looking fake door (will store towels etc on the shelves). So at some point in the future it may be possible for someone to be doing their business and have someone else come down that staircase.

  3. So cool about the house! Always fun to find surprises like that.

    I wore a hat I had crocheted from some of my handspun to the grocery store this past winter and a girl in front of me going into the building had on the exact same hat (different yarn, of course)! I had to ask if she made it and she smiled and said yes in that way that we do when someone notices our work... kind of an excited modesty. Then she realized that I was wearing the exact same hat and we had a knitters (crocheters) moment. We didn't exchange numbers or knitting group info or become BFFs, but it was neat anyway.

  4. How cool about the secret rooms! I love those old New England houses. I always stop and talk to the knitters on the airplane. They be making something cool thatbI just have to add to my queue!

  5. A secret stairs leading to two secret rooms... sounds like a dream come true!
    You should hide something mysterious up there so the next person who finds the room gets a nice surprise ;)

    Your hoodie is adorable!! I've wanted a llama hoodie forever but they are pretty hard to find. I might have to get the same hoodie... one day :)
    I've had several rude 'yarn store owners experiences' myself. Once a woman asked me if I were looking for a gift for my mom or grandma. In another store the cashier told me 'I'm sorry we don't sell knitted accessories'. Although I wore several hand knitted items. SO rude. But it only happened to me in Germany, in Canada and Denmark people are always super friendly and recognize my hand knits etc.

  6. I dream about secret rooms - suddenly I realise our house is much larger than it really is and breath a sigh of relief. But for real?! Fantastic!!
    Cute cute hoodie.

  7. a secret room how exciting, I love old houses and all the work they give you!! Just as well you didn't find any nasties. I hope you will post pics of the renovations as they go along. Loving the Ravelry jacket, hope you get to have some chance encounters in it.

  8. The secret room is really cool but I suppose with all the bugs and bats you deserve something cool:)
    Your hoodie is so cute! I never think to look in the Ravelry store. I must do that.

  9. Wow secret rooms, that's so cool! I had a friend who lived in a terraced townhouse that had been sort of divided up and there was a hidden room next to her bedroom, I always wondered why they closed it off.

    I love the idea of a secret signal between knitters

  10. Seriously, the coolest jacket EVER. And it looks great on you. As for the house, well that is just odd. Sounds like your family is really enjoying discovering new things about it.
    Fun surprises? Hmmm I guess the rainbow counts, or the 2 whole bags of llama wool my aunt got for free :)

  11. Cute hoodie; I haven't checked out the Ravelry store in quite awhile. Your parent's house sounds like something out of a Nancy Drew book! A fun place for kids to explore.

  12. I love the mysteries that were uncovered, but I'm sure the house will reveal more secrets as work progresses.

    It is fun to see people knitting/crocheting in public. I love to sit down and chat a bit.

    Store clerks that hover make me uncomfortable: I usually leave without purchasing anything because they don't allow me to browse and pet the yarn before I make my selection.

  13. First off--you are adorable!
    Second, how cool is that hidden stairway? I would love to live in an old house--so much character to be found.
    Third, the audacity of a store owner/worker being rude to someone looking at yarn--for crying out loud, are the yarn stores in your neck of the woods so busy that they can afford to alienate potential customers? Sheesh!
    Anyway--I hope your week is going along swimmingly now-

  14. How crazy awesome to find hidden rooms in your house! I totally dream about that alllll the time.

  15. I lived in a few old houses growing up so I've got more than a few bug and bat stories of my own but secret rooms.....now that's a whole different ball game. I'm not sure if I'd be spooked or just pleasantly intrigued by that discovery. Love the jacket with all the cute animals on it!!

  16. Oh I love your hoodie!! And secret rooms sound exciting, if a little freaky, what a shame there were no secrets left behind!

  17. Holy cow! I always wanted to live in a house with secret rooms! That's really neat! I love that hoodie. I keep meaning to get one myself. I suppose I should before they sell out!

  18. Oh I love the little nooks and crannies of an old house. I can't wait to hear what you do with the basement and secret room. It baffles me about the shop lifting stereo type. Seriously you should be encouraging someone young to knit and buy all the things versus giving them the evil eye. Where do you think little old grannies knitting and crocheting come from. I am with you I wouldn't shop there again if someone did that too me.

  19. I will most certainly exchange secret handshakes with you if I ever see you walking down the street in your hoodie, or otherwise! :-D It's so cool that you found two secret rooms in your parents' new house! Old homes are the best!

  20. The hidden rooms sound so cool! Sometimes in the "local history" section of the library you can find information on houses in the area. Might give a clue as to why the rooms were hidden.

  21. I drool over those namaste bags....

    and your hoodie is the cutest! my size is sold out! boo!

    no fun surprises come to mind for me unfortunately. very poor form not to leave something mysterious in a secret room!

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  23. Hi, Ivy. I grew up in a house that was over 100 years old and was built by my ancestors--no secret rooms but lots of neat stuff to unearth. I had a great surprise when a fellow Raveler sent me a not e that she wanted to send me some knitting needles for my fiber arts club. She sent a big box with lots and lots of needles--bamboo, Addi turbo, etc. I will post a pic on my blog soon.

  24. Oooh! What a cute, Rav hoodie! Love the color too.
    How fun to explore and have a new house with interesting residents.


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