30 July 2014

Work-In-Progress Wednesday - #17

Thank you all for your warm welcome back into the blogging world, I'm so excited to be joining you all again!

I have an embarrassingly long backlog of WIPs right now, but we've all been there, right?  So, I'll show you the three that I'm putting real time into right now.


Narragansett/ This sweater was a recent travel project, all I have to do after that trip is the other sleeve.  The yarn is a mystery wool that my mother uncovered recently on one of her adventures, I'll tell you that story in the near future.

Swirling Gauntlets/ I just needed more cables in my life, we all know that feeling right?  Also, this is some more super special yarn gifted to me by my best friend, Rebecca.
Rowan Felted Tweed dk


Sock Scrap Blanket/ I've been slowly working on this for about a year, it all started with me having a whole bunch of sock yarn scraps of the same yarn and wanting to do, something, anything, with them.  I'm still not sure what I'll end up stitching these into, any ideas?
PicMonkey Collage

Anyone else suffering from an intense desire to knit all the sweaters?


  1. I have missed your voice (and seeing your excellent projects), welcome back. I'm suffering a real sweater addiction right now, two on the needles and I'm planning on one each for my kids. Better get busy, eh!

  2. Great projects in progress. I made an effort this year to finish projects that were tucked in bags here and there. I have whittled it down to three projects on needles.

    I made baby hats from all my scrap sock yarn.

  3. Yes I am suffering from that desire, but I'm too busy and too broke to make it a reality.
    Hmmm, I think it'd be hard to sew those into a blanket unless they become squares, maybe a pillow, or coasters, or hmmmm ok Idk. haha

  4. great projects, I am yet to tackle crochet properly

  5. I feel the strongest urge to knit all the sweaters after I finish knitting a sweater. Why is it that after you finish a sweater, it feels like you can knit three more in a week?

  6. I just finished a sweater vest for C and am slowly working on a sweater for mama. I had hoped to finish for this fall. We shall see...

  7. I love your wrist warmers, such a lovely colour and the cabling is lovely. I don't want to knit ANY sweaters right now. Except I've got one which I want to finish so I probably should get a move on with it!

  8. These are wonderful projects being focused upon. I love the color of your sweater. It will look great on you. In curious to see how the mitts cone out as I have that pattern favored.

  9. Yes, and not just sweaters - socks and mitts and .... Just need a little more time!

  10. Sweaters and tops, yes! I've cast on three or four in as many months. (Don't ask me how many I've actually finished, though...) I love the color of the Narragansett, and am very curious about the story that goes with it.

  11. How about some cushion covers for your crochet? too holey? I am feeling the need to make knit cushions at the moment!

  12. Loving all the blue! Especially those gauntlets! Great work!


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