01 August 2014

Sunshine Rug

A little while ago, I finished this sunny rug.


The pattern was dreamt up along the way, using what I lovingly call my larger crochet hook (that's right guys, I now own two crochet hooks!).


The yarn is Cascade Yarns Sierra in gold (colorway: 443) and a green (unknown colorway), which is 80% cotton and 20% merino.  It is a nice blend to work with, although I think it is discontinued now.

I probably knit this yarn up into three garments (remember this one?), hating and frogging each one.  I generally have this issue with cotton or bamboo yarns even when blended with wool, it is just so difficult to get them to fit with most projects I try.

But the color made me so happy!  So I decided, why not crochet it into a pretty rug?  Now this seemingly doomed yarn sits in my stash no longer.


Surprise, surprise, kitty loves it too!


  1. I love it! I was hoping you would show us some of your FOs from the last year :)

  2. Great use for problematic yarn!

  3. Kitty loves (and looks good in) everything you make. Lovely rug !

  4. With your kitty on it, it's makes me think "Black Hole Sun"

  5. This is a fun outcome. I like how it makes you happy. It's great how you followed your instincts.

  6. Gorgeous rug! I totally understand about yarn that's just very opinionated as to what it wants to be. It looks like this yarn just wasn't meant to be a garment. It's great that you figured out how to make something beautiful (and useful!) out of it.

  7. I know you made it for kitty...just admit it!

  8. Sooo happy! Sunshine is totally right!


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