15 August 2014

Cinnie Cardigan

A few weeks ago I bound off this little cardigan and as I did so I remembered how throughly enjoyed the process of knitting it.


The pattern is Cinnie by Bonne Marie Burns, the long version, because I'm not a huge fan of shrugs.  The lace charts were highly addictive and surprisingly easy to memorize.  This pattern just made sense to me, clicked nicely at each step along the way.

You may notice that the bottom front of the cardigan is a little tight and pulls up, this is my curse, I can never get those edges where you have to pick up a certain number of stitches quite right.  It's just something I will have to work on!  I'm certain that some persuasive blocking might help me out here.


The yarn is Berroco Vintage dk, a yarn that I have always enjoyed working with.  It was great for the stitch definition required to really make this pattern shine.  Although, I think that if I were to knit this cardigan again (and believe me, I do), I would pick a slightly more crisp yarn, maybe a cotton/wool blend to really bring that lace out.


I'm happy that I'm finishing this cardigan just in time for Fall!


  1. This cardigan is gorgeous and looks wonderful on you. I love the color of the yarn.

  2. I love that cardi, especially in that color. I am so impressed by people who can knit sweaters that fit.

    I thought the curve at the front corners was supposed to be there.

  3. What a lovely wine color. This color and the design totally suit you. The edges just make this cardigan seem like it is asymmetrical.

  4. great colour, I too hate the picking up and knitting of the front bands. I have been known to end up casting on the whole number and just sewing on afterwards!

  5. Beautiful cardigan! Blocking will definitely help, both with the button bands and opening up the lace.

  6. I Love the color. I have a love hate relationship with Vintage. It's great for so many things, but it never seems to want to last once it's knitted up.

  7. I have to say the longer version looks great and that would have been my choice as well!
    It's a lovely color!


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