19 August 2014

This Week's Challenges


Still working away on my Kennedy sweater.  I finished the body quickly because I love the cabled design so much!  Now I'm slogging through the sleeves, knitting them two-at-a-time definitely helps!


Halfway done with the singles for my Black Jacob 3-ply.  My favorite aspects of this fiber are the smell and the natural color of it.  I think I'll be buying more next time I visit New England!


Thursday I have a graduate school milestone that I have been preparing to face for the last couple of months.  If all goes well and I pass I'll be an official PhD candidate and be able to continue my studies.  I'm nervous and even a little panicky, but stolen moments with fiber and nutritious, homecooked meals prepared by my boyfriend are keeping me sane.

How do you motivate yourself during challenging periods in your life?


  1. Are your quals tomorrow? Best of luck!

    Your Kennedy sweater is looking beautiful. It's funny how sleeves and socks seem to go so much faster when you're knitting them two at a time - maybe the dread of having to knit an entire second article slows down progress on the first?

  2. The cable on your Kennedy sweater is gorgeous.

    Best of luck on your application for the doctorate program.

  3. With ice cream, although I regret it later. Definitely a bought of knitting helps too. I like the idea of homecooked meals, I am ready to get back to that lifestyle.

    PS - love the sweater.

  4. Your sweater looks beautiful! I love those cables! Good luck with your school stuff. I tend to let myself freak out about challenging things for a day, then buckle down and do whatever needs to be done to get through it. It worked for me this week and I'm hoping it'll carry me through finishing my dissertation prospectus next week. :)

  5. Ooh! Caught that tidbit - "boyfriend." Yay! Good luck, darlin'. You'll do fine. That red and those cables. A striking pair.


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