Fiber Goals for 2012


- Knit a pair of CookieA socks

- Complete a colorwork sweater  --> Colorwork Sweater

- Complete an entrelac project

- Knit a tea pot cosy

- Conquer fear of short rows

- Knit a decent looking toy

- Try knitting with a new type of fiber

- Finish a spin-to-knit project   --> Spin-to-Knit - Success


- Buy or make a wheel

- Learn to spin on a different type of spindle

- Learn to Navajo ply

- Learn to spin attractive relaxed singles  --> Lagoon Merino Handspun

- Master spinning with a silk hankie  --> Spinning from a Silk Hankie

- Spin a new type of fiber  --> Mohair Cloud Handspun


- Learn to shear a sheep

- Dye fiber/yarn with tea  --> Dyeing Fiber with Tea

- Design a pattern and publish  --> Secret Spiral Cowl

- Make knitting/dyeing/spinning tutorials for blog  --> Dyeing Fiber with Tea and organizing with QR codes