07 April 2012

QR Code Tutorial

By popular request, I'm very excited to show you all my method of organizing using QR codes.  It is really simple and, seriously, so much fun!  Well, fun for me, the nerdy scientist.

Step 1 - Generate your QR code:

I'm sure that there are numerous places on the internet where you can generate the codes, but I'm fond of the Kaywa QR code generator because it is free and not cluttered.  It appears as though you can program these to either give you text (my method) or link to the Ravelry stash page where you might have information about the yarn stored.

I just typed in the text I wanted to be stored in the code, just some general information about the handspun that I might want to remember.

So, then the program generates the code, which I then saved to my computer and then printed (I tried to print them pretty small so that they would fit onto tags.

This time I made little tags out of some old flashcards:

Step 2: Read your code:

In order to scan these codes, you will most likely have to download some kind of QR reader program.  Androids might have it preloaded, but I'm not sure, someone please let me know if you find out.  For the iPhone, you have to download one.  I have Scan for iOS, which is free.

So, then you read the code and it will display the text you programmed in:

I'm having a lot of fun labeling my handspun stash, it was starting to get out of control and needed some taming. 

I hope that was enough information for you to be able to make your own QR codes!

***A few months after I first wrote this post, Sava from Sava Stitch made this idea her own by securing the tags in a much more efficient way.


  1. Oh! Oh! This is great and scary! I want to tag not only my stash but everything else.

    Thanks a lot for the so timely tutorial.

    Love your blog! I cannot wait for the next post :-)

  2. Sounds like a good excuse for me to get a smart phone!

  3. That's a great tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing

  4. Ummm...you are quite brilliant. In case you didn't already know. :)

  5. You've made a giant step in organization.
    Isn't technology wonderful?


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