16 June 2011

The "I cannot believe I made this" moment in spinning.

I finished this yarn last month and was surprised at how nice it turned out.  It almost looks like something machine made!  Now I truly know why spinning is addictive (and dangerous).  Before I know it I will have accumulated dozens of spindles and spent way too much money on fiber (oh wait...already done that).  However resource consuming spinning gets, at least I know that I can make a truly beautiful product.
  • Spun May 2011
  • Roving: 100% Merino (Galloping Jester)
  • Colors: blue and dark purple
  • Spindle: Schacht 4” Hi-Lo drop spindle (3 oz.)
  • 2 ply, ~300 yards, 14 WPI (Fingering (2))

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