27 June 2011

I'm now an "All-Powerful Reeling Machine"!

I finally broke down this weekend and purchased a ball winder and a swift.  Now I'm really not sure how I lived without these essential tools!  Webs was selling the really high quality ones from Japan as a combo for less.  They wouldn't let me use my student discount, but too bad.  At least now my spinning experience will get much, much easier.

I absolutely love the retro packaging.  It's like the product is saying: "My quality hasn't changed as long as this packaging has. I'll likely outlive you".  The box also features the word "handy", so it must be good.  But having said that, the instructions that came with the swift were the best:
Look at her!  Wind that yarn, girl! 

So, that picture pretty much sums me up now.  Although I could never even aspire to have awesome hair like that.

Now I must refrain from turning all my skeins into neatly stacked cakes....

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