12 June 2011

Speaking of Yarn: Tosca Light (Lang Yarns)

I try to only have three unfinished (knitting) projects sitting around at any given time.  I'm aware that this is a highly ambitious goal, but for the most part it suits me well.  If one project gets too annoying or tiring, I have another to move onto in the meantime.  I feel sorry for one such project because I cannot seem to get going on it despite the beautiful yarn I am using.
I bought this yarn quite a while ago at a LYS because I fell in love with the colors.  They are so beautiful just to look at!  In a shawl they would be divine, so that is what I did.  The yarn is Tosca Light (Lang Yarns) and the fiber content is 55% wool and 45% acrylic.  Acrylic content is usually enough to put me off a yarn...but the colors!  It is a little scratchy and icky to knit with (again, my personal preference is no acrylics), but it isn't too terrible.  Another note about this yarn is that although it is labeled as a worsted, it is very much a DK weight.

Shawls frustrate me because they start off so little and the rows go by so quickly.  But then before I know it, it starts taking longer and longer to do just one row.  Eventually all that patience pays off and I have a shawl!  I just have to push myself to get it done, lucky for me Fall is a little ways off.

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