09 June 2011

Stockinette stitch of doom

I love knitting sweaters.  They always come out very attractively for all my efforts and nothing is better than the squeals of appreciation when people find out that I knitted them myself.  However, in many cases, sweaters require row after row of stockinette stitch.  By the time I finally get to an increase or decrease row, I am ecstatic because I can finally do something else!  Sleeves are the worst, they go on for forever and then when I finish one the momentary feeling of triumph is squashed by the nasty realization that I must then complete the second one.  This is much more bearable during the school year when I can just knit mindlessly through lecture.  In the summer the rows drag slowly by.

One thing that makes this sweater manageable is the yarn I chose for it.  Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold.  I was able to get enough for the sweater at Web's recent anniversary sale and chose the most lovely earthy colorway for it.
The stitch definition is lovely (I'll attempt to take a picture of a swatch at some point) and it creates a very solid fabric.  The yarn is 45% wool, 35% silk, and 20% nylon, which should make for a very comfortable and sturdy garment.  I pretty much expected to enjoy this yarn because I have knitted with other yarns from Elsebeth Lavold, including Hempathy (from which I made one of my favorite projects Buttercup by designer Heidi Kirrmaier).  So far I haven't had any problems with the yarn, which makes it a good one in my book.

I'm going to try so hard not to lose momentum on this project because it will make a perfect summer lab sweater.

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