18 April 2012

Work-in-progress Wednesday - #5

I've been pretty busy between classes, finishing my thesis (why is proofreading so much more difficult than writing the thing in the first place?), and preparing for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012, which starts next week!

But, I've still been working along on my huge pile of WIPs, all the while wondering how this situation got so out of control with socks, three sweaters, the scrap blanket, and some sort of spinning project of course.

Good news on the scrap blanket front, I'm slowly but surely wrangling my huge pile of scraps:

I'm very glad that I have a project that is totally mindless, with just stockinette stitch all the way around and adding a new color every once in a while.  But this project is also now too big for me to carry around now which means I won't be able to work on it as much.

I've also been finishing up this alpaca that I mentioned a little while ago.  I'm almost done with the plying stage and it is looking amazing!

As I have mentioned, I am drowning in WIPs right the moment, but that certainly won't stop me from starting a new one as a part of my first ever KAL, which the lovely Evelyn from Project: Stash is holding.  The shawl pattern is amazingly beautiful and the pattern is also being sold for a good cause, for more information please check out Evelyn's post.

I think I may have settled on the yarn that I will use, some prettiness that has been hiding out in my stash for a while now.  More on that later...

I hope that you are all having a great Wednesday and I hope that you also join in with WIP Wednesday with Tami's Amis.


  1. Hi!

    I totally recal this thing of having a huge pile of WIP. Looks like there is no better thing than to start an new project.

    Love the alpaca, never spun alpaca before, is it easy?



  2. I'm loving that round blanket. Is it a pattern or did you make it up? I totally want to make one of these!

  3. Holy Cow, Blog week is next week! Maybe I'll pass afterall...

    How the heck do you manage to have so many WIP's, so much homework, AND sleep!?!? I must know!

  4. I want more on that yarn now! That orange and smoky brown looks delightful.

  5. Oh yum yum yum - the yarn you have chosen looks absolute divine!
    And your blanket is coming in nicely too.
    I am bad for casting on yet another WIP and another and another....I just can't help starting on new yarn and patterns.

  6. that blanket looks like the perfect way to eat up some scraps ... I'll have to remember that idea ...

    having finished the whole dissertation thing myself, I know exactly what you're talking about when it comes to proofreading! and what's exceptionally frustrating is that you keep missing stuff because you are so familiar with it! keep it up, sounds like you're almost done! :)

  7. Everything looks lovely- I agree with Lisa = Don't know how you do it. I think I'm going to have to be quiet for a few days to save up enough to say 7 days in a row next week.....

  8. The scrap blanket is going so well! I love how the colours are working together. The alpaca yarn is gorgeous and I love the yarn you've picked for Evelyn's KAL! :)

  9. That alpaca looks aMAZing! I really, really love the colors in your mysterious final picture. Can't wait to see it!

  10. Eek, good luck with the thesis-proofreading. I'm glad you have a nice, mindless (and still so cool-looking! and cuddly!) project to work on as you go.

    Your alpaca yarn looks delicious. I just made a little shawl in alpaca, so I feel all warm and fuzzy about your yarn and its pretty furriness. :)

    (And I'm so glad to hear you're a fan of Harold and Maude, too. It's a pretty special movie!)

  11. I totally love everything you're working on right now! That blanket is to-die-for gorgeous, and the alpaca is looking amazing. Your time management skills are epic! :)

    I'm also super-excited to see that lovely earthy yarn as it knits up. Love those colors!!

  12. that blanket is amazing! you just inspired me to start some sort of large project to use up all of my scraps :]

  13. It's fun watching your round blanket grow...um...rounder! And I totally agree...I love having at least one mindless project. :)

  14. I really like how your blanket is turning out and very nice yarn!

  15. Your blanket is coming along so beautifully. What a great project. As for the alpaca that you've spun ... I love its loftiness and color. Now go and get some sleep!

  16. Your yarn pictures are like paintings, beautiful colors and texture. And sometimes we need mindless projects! The blanket looks great.

  17. Your alpaca you have spun is lovely! So inspiring!

  18. I am drowning with you! Now that I have seen your fabulous blanket...I so want to cast one on. Thanks for that!;)
    Can't wait to see your KAL shawl.

  19. There is so much good stuff in this post! I love your scrap blanket. The pink of that yarn you are spinning is just lovely. I bought the Wholehearted pattern but I need to think before committing to the KAL right now. Looking forward to your Blog Week posts, Pumpkin!

    PS. Thanks for your nice words on my blog,. xxoo

  20. Your alpaca is gorgeous ! ! !

    Your blanket is a dream of mine. I have a pattern and believe me I do have the leftover yarn. But the time . . .
    I'm here via Evelyn's Wholehearted kal, just checking in with ya.


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