23 March 2012

Speaking of Yarn: Worsted Merino Superwash (Plymouth Yarn)

I know that I have mentioned my love for Worsted Merino Superwash by Plymouth Yarn in the past, but would like to talk more specifically about why I love it.

This yarn is a glorious 100% superwash fine merino wool in worsted weight.  It is sold in a standard 218 yards per 100 grams skein and comes in 56 different lovely colors.

The first project I knitted with this yarn was a pair of worsted weight socks, which I adore and have been worn often with minimal pilling (oh how I hate pilling).  I am currently working on my second project using this yarn, my Beatnik.  The colorway I chose for my current project is a comforting navy blue with flecks of purple mixed in.  The thing I like about this yarn the most is its elasticity, it is the most springy merino I have ever worked with!

Overall, on Ravelry people seem to enjoy this yarn as well, people seem to like the feel of it (it has this texture that I cannot describe, I would recommend taking a look for yourself) describing it as soft and high quality.  There were some complaints of color bleeding, splitting, and pilling (don't put in dryer).  I have had it bleed during hand washing, but the color did not fade much.  I don't think that the yarn is splitty at all, but then again, I do not seem as bothered by splitting as some people.  I have had it pill a little bit, but only after quite a bit of wear.

- Amazing stitch definition (especially with cables!)
- Super springy and elastic
- Pretty colorways
- Superwash and appears to wear well (at least for me)
- Rips out well (don't ask)
- Lovely merino smell!

- Ends unravel a lot
- Expensive

Final thoughts: I have really enjoyed working with this yarn personally.  The texture of the yarn is irresistible to me.  I always look forward to knitting with it and would certainly buy it again!

*** According to FTC law, I'm required to disclose that I have not received free products or compensation for this review, and that my personal opinions on the product are represented here.


  1. I usually use Cascade 220 superwash. I can't imagine Plymouth would cost more than that, so I will check into it.

  2. I wish they sold this in Manhattan, it sounds like something I'd want to try!

  3. I've never tried the merino superwash and will have to check it out. I have knit small blankets with Plymouth Encore and liked it well enough, but wish it was softer. Plymouth has some wonderful yarn-- the Fantasy Naturale is a nice sturdy cotton, and Boku felts beautifully. Thanks for the recommendation, I'm always interested in trying new yarn! Have a great weekend.

  4. By the way, Disqus is working just fine for comments from my point of view.

  5. They don't seem to sell that yarn here in the UK, which is a shame, because I LOVE trying new yarn. Oh well, maybe I can pick it up when I visit my parents next year :)

  6. Oh you enabler! I am pretty darn sure I need some of this now too :)))

  7. Those are some great suggestions, I'm going to have to try the Fantasy Naturale because I'm in love with cotton! Also, thanks for letting me know about Disqus.

  8. I'm a big fan of superwash merino but haven't tried Plymouth yet ... thanks for the great review and recommendation. I'm in search of some now!

  9. I had to look up the cost of the yarn, indeed quite pricey! Cascade 220 has a superwash, and I don't think it's as expensive. If you don't have to have superwash, Paton's Classic wool is fantastic and much cheaper. Webs has great wool yarns too and lots of discount options.

  10. I've never worked with it myself, but it superwash merino is one of my favorites. And as far as it's expensive, I'd say it's probably worth the cost to get a high quality yarn! Love the color by the way, it's amazing!

  11. Wow, I don't understand this new commenting! Sorry. I was trying to link to my blog, but I have no idea how! Just so you know, this is Erin from Creating the Day!

  12. I usually use cascade 220 too, but I'd be interested to try!


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